Anna Carmona is an artist born in Girona, with a great international projection. During her childhood, she has been accompanied by the life stories of her grandmother, a worker in the textile factories of Sallent and Artés, as well as fabrics, threads, sewing machines and a lot of creativity on the part of her mother dressmaker. A past that marks him and discovers an art with many possibilities.
She began studies in furniture restoration and polychromies and continued with forays into the world of carpentry, carving, and restoration techniques. She progressively trained and experimented in other artistic disciplines such as furniture design with metal plates and later she introduced herself to artistic textile design.
All this knowledge is applied and valued through weaving and experiments combining the techniques learned with different materials and shapes her own language with which she grows as an artist and as a person, inspired by works by artists such as Olga de Amaral, Jagoda Buić, Josep Grau-Garriga and Ricardo Bofill. Eclecticism and decomposition, experimentation and luxury, constant transformation and family heritage linked to fabric.
She has held various exhibitions in her city and currently, her creations already live in Madrid, Marbella, Paris, London, Las Vegas, California, Florida and Washington.


Anna Carmona is an artist who applies different techniques, processes and materials to textiles and fibers. She leaves technical work based on repetition aside, flows through the unruly materials and experiments with total freedom. She is passionate about transforming matter and achieving different volumes and textures.
She intertwines fabrics treated with pigments, stucco or gold leaf, all of them traditional materials used worldwide since ancient times, with more modern and sustainable ones. And it is that the personal interest and the firm will to adapt the artistic practice to a more sustainable model of life, can be appreciated in his later works introducing reused materials, such as leather and quality fabrics, which come from surpluses and waste from different sources. Design and fashion sectors. And she also seeks to give prominence to wool for all its excellent properties and artistic potential.
Her series are inspired by landscapes, cities, architecture and the life story that accompanies it. Memories of youth, vacations, emotions, shared landscapes, the sea, terraces, stone walls, vegetation… But also the city, the music, the night, its people and cultural activities. Her work is full of symbolism, folds, contours, cracks, seams and mixtures, they evoke those territories and lived experiences and invites us to create our own inner landscape. And in her subsequent series “Nature” she intends to give value to the elements of nature and elevate them to works of art in recognition of their beauty and all that they contribute to us in gratitude and importance for their existence and preservation.
At the same time, her creations seek to influence the viewer’s emotions through the different senses. Her monochrome creations, different tactile textures, geometric, architectural or organic shapes, some of them mobile that can be varied at will. Artistic creations that go beyond the conceptual and technical and are also characterized by being sensory works.

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